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Powerful Tools for Modern Radiology Businesses

Designed to optimise reporting, embed teleradiologists into workflows, minimise administration tasks, and embed referrers.

Download the Qscan case study:

Qscan Radiology Clinics is a comprehensive Diagnostic Medical Imaging & Intervention practice with over 70 clinics, 80 hospital contracts, and thousands of General Practice referrers across the country.

Key outcomes:

  • Reduced radiology administration
  • Improved bookings processes
  • Connected a distributed workforce
  • Enabled 1-click referrals
  • Reduced referral leakage
  • Much more…
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White Paper – Radiology

As radiology organisations strive to meet clinical demands and business goals, innovation within organisation communication is required to deliver care safely and efficiently.

In this document, you will:

  • Understand the impact of effective clinical handover in the radiology setting.
  • Learn about the role of communication in quality assurance and education within the radiology setting.
  • Discover benefits of direct communication between the radiologist and referrer.
  • Much more…
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Enterprise Communication for Health

Powerful Communication for Healthcare.

Optimise referral pathways, unify systems and processes, minimise email noise, connect staff in realtime.

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