Bring everything together.

Enabling clinical collaboration & patient communication directly from your MS Teams


The Future of Healthcare Collaboration

From the one interface, streamline and unify your organisation, referrers, patients, and partners.

Expand the clinical and operational capabilities of your Microsoft Teams environment to meet unique needs of your healthcare organisation.


Unified Communications

Engage primary care networks, referrers, and external providers to Microsoft Teams organisations, streamlining communication and collaboration.

Efficient Clinical Engagement

Enhance clinical engagement, support, and information access for healthcare professionals, improving care coordination and decision-making.

Patient-Centred Collaboration

Empower patients to actively engage with their healthcare providers and participate in their care journey without requiring a Microsoft or Foxo account.

Improved Workflows

Streamline processes, facilitate secure communication, and optimise workflows for clinical and clerical staff.

Enhanced Care Coordination

Foster effective collaboration among healthcare teams, leading to improved patient outcomes and increased operational efficiency.

"By enabling frictionless access to clinical information and fostering synchronous communication, we are empowering healthcare organisations to drive improved patient outcomes and establish stronger business relationships."


Collaborate with Referrers and External Providers

Foxo seamlessly embeds external referrers (GPs, specialists or consultants) directly within the MS Teams environment. You can easily communicate, handover, collaborate, and securely share patient information, all while maintaining data privacy and security.


Improved Patient Engagement

Empower patients to actively engage with administration teams or healthcare providers, access information, and participate in their care journey without the need for a Microsoft or Foxo account. The seamless integration enables you to invite patients into the MS Team environment. 

Multidisciplinary team meetings (MDTs)

Foxo removes the need to set up, configure and integrate various platforms to effectively host an MDT. Within MS Teams attendees from various organisations can share files, messages, collaborate and talk on video conference within a secure patient-centric worklist environment.

For any communication around a patient we use Foxo. It eliminates an enormous amount of error and all communication is documented and logged.

Foxo has effectively reduced errors by minimising interruptions driving efficiencies and accuracy across our business.

With Foxo, I'm able to provide better care for my patients due to accurate and rapid information transfer. I'm highly engaged with my referral and professional network. And, I'm now seeing critical information flow seamlessly across the healthcare stack better than before.

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