Where Healthcare Connects.


We are Foxo.

Foxo is an Australian technology company on a mission to securely connect a fragmented health system.

Creating impact across the industry

Communication errors plague the health industry and are a leading cause of patient harm. These errors have their origins in software solutions that simply don’t connect with one another. As a consequence, health professionals remain overly reliant on dated solutions like fax, email and SMS to handle sensitive patient information.

Our technical and clinical-led team means we’re focused on engineering solutions to today’s communication challenges. We understand the barriers faced by clinics and hospitals. We’ve navigated local and national policy, integrated with systems new and old, and have built a platform that bolsters organisation’s workplace efficiencies and connects their people.

Our SaaS platform is changing the way doctors and their teams communicate and collaborate.

We’re building a connected future for the Health industry.

The team at Foxo are dedicated, passionate, and grounded:

Dedicated to changing the outdated communication practices in medicine

Passionate about improving patient care by solving long-standing challenges

Grounded in believing great teamwork and collaboration leads to great success for everyone

Foxo supports and sponsors Radiopedia.org. Our sponsorship helps keep their world-class content free and improve the website and infrastructure. Radiopaedia’s mission is to create the best radiology reference the world has ever seen and to make it available for free, for ever, for all.


The Foxo Team is...


From direct integrations with clinical systems to highly available infrastructure, Foxo is a stable and dependable platform.


Foxo is built and maintained by our local Australian engineering team, we're always on and responsive to requirements.


Co-designed by clinicians and product design experts, Foxo is feature-rich and intuitive.