Foxo Feature Set

Secure Communication & Clinical Workflows purpose-built for Healthcare

Co-designed by Clinicians, Product Specialists and our Customers 

Audit log

Audit logs and read-receipts provide a verifiable history of all clinical interactions.


Broadcast important updates to the entire organisation via the Organisation's News Feed.

Case Management

Case management allows task and case allocation across internal and external organisational teams.

Email Escalation

Email escalation to notify of critical results and other urgent communication.

File Sharing

Share files seamlessly via our drag & drop interface. Add, delete or pin important documents.


Deep integrations with leading clinical information systems via our comprehensive API.

Live Guest Chat

Secure live chat link for referrers, external network and patients into your organisation.


Secure clinical messaging and image sharing from desktop, web browser and mobile.

Mobile App

Available on mobile (iOs, Android) ensuring staff remain operational whilst in the field.

MS Teams Integration

Clinical features and workflows embedded into your MS Teams deployment.


Email and push notifications to ensure critical information is received and actioned.


Organisations allow enterprise-ready workflows and environments.

Patient Card

Patient-centric communication and task allocation (e.g. MDT collaboration)


Enterprise grade encryption and compliant with Australian Privacy principles.


Foxo has a comprehensive Knowledge Base and in-app live support.


Teams are nested within the Organisation and enable Case Management workflows.

Verified Network

All users are reviewed and approved to be on the Foxo network.

Voice & Video Calling

Secure voice & video calling within your organisation and beyond for multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Mobile and Desktop Ready

Foxo is freely available on Apple’s iOS store, Google Play store, in the browser on any platform, or as a PWA app on both Mac and Windows.

Available on the App Store
Android App on Google Play
Browser or Desktop App