Integrated Communication for Radiology

Modern Radiology businesses depend on modern communication solutions to improve workplace efficiencies, patient outcomes, and referrer satisfaction.


Join a platform that connects the healthcare network. From admin, clerical, and tech, through to radiology, referrers and specialists. Connect your referrers with a powerful, secure communication platform, built for health.

Connecting your organisation and referrers with an all-in-one communication solution

Improve staff productivity 
Reduce phone interruptions and dependency on email.

Unite your organisation
Bring your clinical, administrative and business teams onto one, secure communication platform.

Connect with external referrers 
Direct communication with referrers to improve patient care coordination, reduce referral leakage and ensure critical results notification.

Foxo in 2 min

RIS Interoperable

Our seamless Radiology Information System integration presents clinical and clerical teams with various workflow enhancements designed to modernise your radiology business.


Secure communication

Ensure compliance with privacy legislation, reduce data-breach with secure single, group and teams-based collaboration with workflows built to manage inbound referrals and task management.

MDTs, live voice and video calls

Discuss cases with referrers, get second opinions from colleagues, and run multi-disciplinary meetings from anywhere.


Real-time electronic referrals

Receive real-time, Medicare compliant, inbound imaging requests to improve care coordination and reduce dependency on paper requests.


Mobile Broadcasting

Share updates across your organisation and extended referral network.

Searchable Network Directory

Allow your staff to connect with one another and your referral base through our secure, verified network directory. Search by name, location, or speciality.

Searchable Network Directory

Download the Qscan case study:


2 Min Testimonial

Qscan Radiology Clinics is a comprehensive Diagnostic Medical Imaging & Intervention practice with over 70 clinics, 80 hospital contracts, and thousands of General Practice referrers across the country.

Key outcomes:

  • Reduced radiology administration
  • Improved bookings processes
  • Connected a distributed workforce
  • Enabled 1-click referrals
  • Reduced referral leakage
  • Much more…

With Foxo, I'm able to provide better care for my patients due to accurate and rapid information transfer. I'm highly engaged with my referral and professional network. And, I'm now seeing critical information flow seamlessly across the healthcare stack better than before.

Foxo has effectively reduced errors by minimising interruptions driving efficiencies and accuracy across our business.

Previously we were using Skype, Teams and Slack to communicate. Foxo has reduced the noise of email, improved engagement with referrers, and gives our staff direct access to doctors.

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Institutional Member

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