Foxo & Kestral

Foxo has partnered with industry-leading Radiology Information System provider, Kestral to modernise and transform radiology businesses and their referring network. 

Integrated Clinical Communication

Foxo can be launched from Karisma 3 or 4 and triaged into MS Teams (optional).


Workload Shifting
Send tasks between radiology and clerical teams to improve reporting efficiency


MS Teams enabled
Launch Karisma tasks across your MS Teams-enabled workforce.


Real-Time Messaging
Connect your clinical and clerical staff, engage your referrer network in realtime.


Oncall Reporting
Real-time clinical engagement between public and private institutions.

Rapid task management and communication

Interruption free reporting.
  • Engage clerical support staff directly from your work list
  • Enable rapid reporting through group-wide integrated task management

Connecting your clinical, clerical, and referral network.

Foxo's Karisma integration provides radiology businesses with a powerful integrated suite of tools built to improve reporing efficincies, unite teams, systems, and processes, improve referrer engagement, and transform the patient experience.

Efficacy Study: See how this reduced clinical administration by 83%


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