Streamlining Communication Across Primary Care

Connect your staff, patients, and referral network. 


Connecting your primary care businesses with your professional network

From desktop or mobile, connect with referrers and other providers for rapid patient-centred communication to access or share information without being dependent on fax, phone calls, or email.


Engage your patients

Patients can easily message, file-share, or video call your front desk or be triaged through to your doctor's office.


Connect your staff

Reduce inefficiencies and ensure administrative, clinical and locum staff are connected whether on-premises or offsite via mobile and desktop communications.


Direct access to your referral network

Instantly connect and communicate with specialists across a searchable directory to coordinate and communicate patient care.


Reduce clinical incidents and malpractice risk

Reduce dependency on fax, email and phone tag. Read receipts, audit logs and integrations with your PMS ensures clinical information is received, actioned and recorded.

Secure communication and image sharing

Single and group chat across a verified network in a secure, encrypted environment compliant with National privacy principles.

MDTs, live voice, and video calls

Discuss images and cases with referrers, get second opinions from colleagues and conduct multi-disciplinary meetings for chronic disease patients.

Mobile Broadcasting

Share instant updates across your entire organisation.

Searchable Network Directory

Find specialists on the Foxo network by searching by name, specialty or location.

Connecting Primary Care

Integrated Communications

As a stand-alone solution, Foxo is powerful out of the box. Integrations with leading practice management systems.

As a patient, I experienced first hand the power of Foxo’s real-time referrals. Within minutes my urgent and complex situation was booked with a specialist.

Over my years of clinical practice, I’ve found I often need to provide context to a referral or clarify an issue with a specialist. Foxo reduces the time to decision by giving me direct access to my specialist network, clarifying issues related to patient care instantly rather than sending letters, and waiting for delayed responses.

The healthcare industry struggles on all areas of communication. Out of the box, Foxo solves this. From simple messaging through to video and referrals, Foxo has been a game-changer.

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Institutional Member

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