Foxo & Zed Technologies

Foxo has partnered with industry-leading Zed Technologies to transform the referrer journey.


Communicate effortlessly with referrers.

1-click communication launched from your referrer's PMS or Zed Doctor Viewer.

How it works

Embed a live chat link in your Diagnostic report and Zed Doctor Viewer and enable your surrounding healthcare network (e.g. referrer, VMOs, primary care) to initiate a secure live chat thread into your business with just 1-click for easy access to information, clarification on findings, advice and more.  

Zed Launch Point CHAT LIVE Have a question about this report Access Live Doctor Support 1-click Referrer Support SAMPLE REPORT ONLY (700 × 500mm) (1)

Direct from the the PMS or Viewer

No integration or setup required for your referring network.

Radiology Provider:

  • Enhanced Connectivity from Zed portal and PMS into your business
  • Improved Service Delivery for your referring community
  • Streamlined Referrer Experience
  • Reduced missed calls from referrers
  • Freeing up phone queue to patients
  • Frictionless & Secure Communication between businesses
  • All communication is saved and stored securely 

The Referrer Benefits:

  • 1-click connectivity directly from PMS and Viewer
  • Pre-populated Patient Data
  • Direct Line of Communication with Radiologist or Clerical Team
  • Fast and easy access to information & advice
  • No install, no integration required
  • No more wasted time on hold
  • Communication saved for later access