21 July 2021

Pen CS and Foxo Partner to Bring Real-Time Communication to the Forefront of Clinical Practices


BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, 21 JULY 2021 – Foxo, a leading secure Australian healthcare communication and file-sharing platform, has partnered with population health informatics company, Pen CS, to deliver the Foxo App on Topbar which enables healthcare providers with secure, consented, and easy access to encrypted, real-time engagement and referral tools.

The Foxo platform enables doctors, clinical teams, and their professional network with modern technology designed to circumvent faxing, phone tag, email, and unsanctioned WhatsApp messaging. The Company is already supporting thousands of clinical and clerical users within 25 organisations across Australia.

The Pen CS Topbar is a clinical decision support platform designed to assist medical practitioners at the point of care by enabling them to make better, data-driven decisions. With Foxo now available on Topbar, the joint offering enables healthcare providers immediate access to their entire healthcare ecosystem to conduct secure instant messaging, video calls, referrals, and bookings.

In Australia, inefficiencies relating to communication issues can cost the average GP in excess of $57,000 per year, contribute to 30% of total malpractice claims, and up to 70% of hospital incidents. The recent integration will play a key role in minimising such problems for Australian healthcare providers.

“Foxo’s mission is to solve the fragmented, insecure, and time-consuming reality that clinical practices face when it comes to referrals, and internal and external communication, between teams and their wider network,” said Luke Fletcher, CEO and Co-Founder, Foxo.

“Accessing the Foxo App through Topbar, and removing the need to leave the patient management system, makes these tasks far more time efficient, saving healthcare providers up to 15 minutes per day. Our strategic partnership with Pen CS means that Foxo can support the thousands of healthcare providers looking for a secure and seamless way to engage and communicate with clinical stakeholders, ensuring appropriate consent,” said Fletcher.

“Topbar is designed to improve patient outcomes and save time, reduce costs, and improve workflow for healthcare providers. The Foxo App presents a new opportunity for healthcare providers as it facilitates effective, consented communication – for e-referrals, for example – within the healthcare providers’ own network for the benefit of their patients,” said Edweana Wenkart, CEO, Pen CS.

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About Foxo Technology 

Foxo Technology is an Australian health tech company changing the way healthcare teams connect and organisations do business. The Company’s cloud-based enterprise platform can be deployed across any healthcare organisation (private or public) in minutes. Integrations into leading healthcare systems can be configured to enable seamless information transfer beyond siloed systems. Foxo is a proud fundraising partner with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

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About Pen CS

Pen CS, founded in 1993, is the market leader in patient to population health informatics in primary care. An Australian-owned company, Pen CS’ vision is to build a healthy Australia by supporting data-driven, outcome-oriented, patient-centred care. Pen CS eco system includes more than 6,100 General Practices with over 22 million patient records per month. Digital health innovation is embedded in our platform and partnerships as a key way of caring for patients and helping those who care for them. This is evidenced by the variety of applications available for General Practices from team-based care planning, to billing efficiency, accreditation, education and condition-specific QI apps e.g. Cancer Screening. Pen CS has a long history of collaborating with research organisations and government to identify and address rising risks to help reduce healthcare costs, improve patient outcomes and increase provider satisfaction at local, state and national levels. Learn more about Pen CS at

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