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Powerful Communication for Health

Much more than secure messaging

Powerful collaboration, secure information transfer, and interoperable with leading health software.

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Foxo - Desktop and Mobile app


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Securely message and share rich media with anyone in real-time.


Discover the power of collaborative workspaces, purpose-built for health.

Powerful & Easy

Get started in under a minute.

Secure & Compliant

State-of-the-art security, every step of the way. Your information is protected with enterprise-grade encryption.

Anywhere & anytime

Connect from anywhere to anyone at any time using your iPhone, Android or desktop.


Foxo is (and always will be) freely available. Need more features? upgrade to a paid plan below.

QScan Radiology Clinics
Ipswich Cardiac Centre
Downs Rural Medical Centre

Free, Pro, Enterprise.

Foxo is (and always will be) freely available. Out of the box, Foxo comes packed with secure messaging and powerful collaboration tools. However, sometimes this just isn’t enough. Foxo Prime comes packed with seamless integrations into leading software programs, a powerful collaborative Teams environment and many more unlocked communication features.



Phone anyone without sharing your personal phone number.  VOIP calling enables secure and private calling (coming soon).


Foxo is interoperable with leading hospital, radiology, and general practice software.


Communicate and collaborate effectively with Foxo’s powerful Teams module. Gain fast access to clinical teams for specialist opinions and case management.


Organisation-wide communications means important messages are delivered directly to devices in real-time.

Foxo Free


  • Unlimited Messages
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Create 80 Patient Cards per month
Foxo Prime


  • All features from the Pro tier
  • Teams
  • Bookings*
  • Custom Integrations
  • VOIP*
  • Organisation-wide broadcasting*

* Coming soon