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Foxo - Enterprise Communications

Powerful Communication for Healthcare.

Optimise referral pathways, unify systems and processes, minimise email noise, connect staff in realtime.

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Foxo Desktop App
Foxo Mobile App (iOS & Android)

Foxo - Desktop and Mobile app


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Engage colleagues and referrers over a secure connection in realtime.


Discover the power of collaborative workspaces, purpose-built for health.

Improve workforce efficiencies via engaged and informed staff.

Uncover new business development opportunities and recover lost referrals.

Optimise systems and processes, unify communications.

Scalable, Interoperable, Powerful.

Connecting staff, teams, and organisations.

Secure & Compliant

State-of-the-art security, every step of the way. Your information is protected with enterprise-grade encryption.

Anywhere & anytime

Connect from anywhere to anyone at any time using your iPhone, Android or desktop.


Foxo is (and always will be) freely available. Need more features? upgrade to a paid plan below.

Qscan Radiology Clinics
Ipswich Cardiac Centre
MJD Health Medical Clinics
Downs Rural Medical Centre