Platform Release Notes

29 June 2024

Version #eaf5fd0. How do I check my version?

Platform Migration. No improvements noted.


29 May 2024

Version #ad94a52b9. How do I check my version?

Improvements: πŸš€

Enhanced Case Identifier Management for Patient Connect: We've streamlined the process of managing case identifiers for Patient Connect, providing you with greater flexibility and efficiency in patient communication.

Calling Improvements: Experience better performance and a refined user interface in our calling feature, ensuring smoother and more reliable communication.

Advanced Active Directory Setup: Users now have additional control over user management in the Active Directory setup. Choose between preapproved and manual approval options, empowering you to tailor user access to your specific needs.

Enhanced Password Requirements: Registering or changing passwords is now more secure with improved password requirements, bolstering the integrity of your account information (for non-AD users).

Instant Message for Incoming Calls (Patient Connect): Patients will now receive an instant message when they receive a call, enhancing communication efficiency and ensuring timely responses.

Improved Overall App Performance and Network Search

Bug Fixes: πŸ›

Closing Notes Visibility on Print: Closing notes will now appear correctly on printouts.

Character Encoding Issue: Fixed a bug where commas were being encoded as a different character (%2). 

29 April 2024

Version #6ea91fc46. How do I check my version?

Patient Connect 2.0 πŸš€

New Patient Identifiers help verify the patient's identity. Patients will be prompted to provide these details for verification, ensuring secure and accurate communication. Choose from pre-configured identifiers (DOB, mobile phone number, medicare number etc.) or create your own. 

Optional Disclaimers: Prior to accessing the chat, patients will acknowledge optional disclaimers. For instance, they may acknowledge emergency contact details like "call 000" for urgent situations, enhancing patient safety and compliance.

PDF Print with Identifiers: Generate PDF prints that include all necessary patient identifiers. This feature streamlines the process of uploading data into clinical systems for complete documentation.


Pending Org/Team Invite in Missed Activity Email 🚦

We've added pending organisation/team invites to the Team administrator's missed activity email to ensure they keep informed on pending join requests and invitations. 


Newly created teams are now setup as private by default πŸ”


Query Optimisation for smoother and faster performance across the platform. πŸ‹οΈ

21 February 2024

Version tbc. How do I check my version?

Voice Calling Bug Fixes πŸ“ž: We've resolved issues affecting voice calling functionality to ensure a smoother experience.

General Security Boost πŸ”’: Enhanced security measures and added restrictions for fortified protection of patient data.

Multi-Image Upload πŸ“·: Now upload multiple images seamlessly from your devices for enhanced convenience.

1 February 2024

Version #8643573b8. How do I check my version?

Enhanced Performance, no functional changes πŸš€

19 January 2024

Version #0a4488ea8. How do I check my version?

Upgrade to Vue3 πŸš€

We're excited to announce a major upgrade to Vue3! This brings significant performance enhancements to both web and devices, resulting in quicker page loads, smoother screen transitions, and an overall improved user experience. Thanks to the exceptional work of our hard-working in-house Development Team, Foxo is now faster and more seamless than ever before.


MS Teams App: New Version Support πŸŽ‰

Good news! Foxo now supports the latest MS Teams version. If you're still using the Classic version and want to experience the new features of Teams, simply enable the toggle as shown below. Stay up-to-date and enjoy a seamless integration with the latest MS Teams enhancements.


Quick link filter to show Foxo Teams without administrators ‡️ (for Organisation administrators only)

We've introduced a smart filter for Org administrators that dynamically appears only when there is a Team without an administrator. Clicking on the link provides you with the option to become an admin of the Team. 

image (4)


30 November 2023

Enhanced Foxo Help Access ⛑️

Foxo Help is now pinned under Messages ensuring quick and easy access to live assistance when needed. Should users prefer, they can easily unpin Foxo Help at any time. 

Streamlining Integration Setup 🚦

When manually setting up an integration with a clinical system (under Settings & Profile) and adding Teams to the integration, users can now choose to include/exclude all Teams they are a member of. This choice reflects in the clinical system's drop-down menu for Teams allowing for more personalised integration settings. 

23 October 2023

Version #420e2f3b8. How do I check my version?

Bug squash and performance improvements πŸ›

19 September 2023

Version #3d8d5bdd2. How do I check my version?

1. Capacitor Upgrade from version 4 to 5. πŸŽ‰

2. New additions to our integration provider lineup: πŸ‘

  • Agfa Healthcare: Enterprise Imaging,
  • Pro Medicus: Visage RIS,
  • Canon: Vitrea Read,
  • Voyager: Voyager PACS.

3. Newly added members can now seamlessly join an active call within the thread, enhancing the Group and Team Chat experience. πŸ“ž

29 August 2023

Version #ab36a8475. How do I check my version?

1. Improvements to MS Teams user interface and video calling features

3 August 2023

Version #fda5d5ac3. How do I check my version?

1. Improvements for Windows touchscreen devices.

18 July 2023

Version #31112a161. How do I check my version?


1. Login with mobile number

  • Guests can now choose to receive their One Time Password (OTP) via SMS (previously only email)
  • Missed notifications are sent to the user's chosen method of authentication (eg SMS or Email)

2. Improved missed activity (guest users)

  • Initial missed activity will trigger a notification after 5 mins if unread, and another will be sent after 24 hours.

3. Improved user experience in Foxo's MS Teams app

4. Improved user experience for sharing patient cards in message threads

5. Other features:

  • PDF Preview in MS Teams (opens in default browser)
  • Muted teams notifications
  • Users can edit Patient Identifiers on Patient Card
  • Load times and Performance

1 June 2023

Version #31112a161. How do I check my version?


Active Directory 

Foxo now features the integration of Active Directory (AD) for enhanced user management, onboarding and authentication. 


MS Teams 

Foxo is available for Microsoft Teams for unified communication all in one interface enabling:

  • cross-organisational communication and collaboration
  • clinically-driven workflows integrated directly into MS Teams
  • communication with referrers and patients embedded within your MS Teams environment

For further information, click here or contact us via Foxo Help or


Collapsed Patient View 

A sleek Case card-like display for single Patient Cards shared in Message threads, featuring clickable access to demographics and clinical information.


  • The People list under the Organisation now features distinct icons indicating MFA status, including email login with/out MFA and SSO login, with a legend conveniently placed at the bottom of the list.

  • A confirmation step has been implemented to ensure a deliberate action is taken before creating any Organisation.


User Online Status 

When changing the online status to "Away" or "Busy", users will now be prompted to confirm if they also want to snooze their notifications.



Self-upgrade option is available for existing Organisation Admins in Teams without a Team Administrator. Team members of a Team without a Team Administrator will be prompted to contact the Org Admin. 


Improvement to performance and bug fixes 

21 March 2023

Version #31112a161. How do I check my version?


Automated Response for Guest Chat ✏️

Teams can now choose to send an automated response to guest users with a custom message that can be configured in the Team's settings. The automated message will be sent with a 3 second delay. 


User Offboarding πŸ‘₯

When offboarding users from the Organisation, Administrators can now choose to offboard users from all Teams they are a member of. 


Guest Chat Landing Page

The Guest Chat landing page has now two entry points to:

  1. Open existing Cases
  2. Start a new Chat



Case Print πŸ“

When printing / downloading a Case as a PDF, initial Case images can now be included in the PDF print. 


Improvement to performance and bug fixes πŸ›

31 January 2023

Version #ae928cea5. How do I check my version?

Print Case πŸ“

  • Case Creators and Team Members can now print a Case under the Case option menu. 
  • Cases with Patient Cards attached will have the option to include patient details (notes, media, activities) from the attached Patient Card.  

*Only available on web and for full Foxo users (guest user excluded).


Pending User Requests πŸ‘₯

The People tab for Teams and Organisations will have an unread count for pending user request. Visible only for Admins. 


Missed Activity Emails βœ‰οΈ

Missed activity email will be sent after 24 hours (previously 48 hours). 


Total Unread Counts πŸ”΄

Total unread counts will be displayed above and below the fold and display a cantered floating count item of the total hidden.


Improvement to performance and bug fixes πŸ›


21 December 2022

Version #56740fb27. How do I check my version?

Improvements to Web Calling πŸ’»

  • Update your video and audio device settings from the call window

Case Calling: πŸ“ž

  • If enabled for your Organisation, all open cases can run calls
  • Guest cases can also run calls too. These calls can only be initiated by the Case Creator

Message Timestamps πŸ“…

  • Timestamps can be clicked to reveal the date

17 November 2022

Version #baaabd3b8. How do I check my version?

Granular Notification Control πŸ””

You have now full control over what notifications you'd like to receive (Messages, Patients, Cases, Team) along with associated sounds. Notifications can be managed from your profile settings (for Messages, Patients and your created Cases) and under the Team settings for incoming Cases and Team Chat. 


Reply feature πŸ”™

You can now reply to a Message (single & group) or Team chat. Hover over the Message, press the reply arrow and start typing. 

Video & Voice Calling (Enterprise feature) πŸ“½οΈ

We're also launching voice, video, and screen sharing. This powerful feature allows you to you engage anyone across the Foxo network with just 1 click. To enable this Enterprise feature, please contact Foxo Help in Foxo or your Account Manager. 

Foxo Teams UI - Mobile App  πŸ“±

Teams UI on mobile devices has been refactored to mimic Web. Some of the changes include: 

  • Team Name is available with avatar on top
  • Team Chat, Cases, People, Files available as main tabs on Teams header
  • Team Preferences and Settings are accessed via Options menu.


Global Search πŸ”

Result returns for Users, Teams and Organisations will have a timestamp for improved sorting. 


Chat Thread UI πŸ‘‰

'Files manager' and 'Request response' feature have been moved from the chat (three dots) to the Options menu.


Zed Technologies integration with Foxo’s Guest Chat πŸš€

The integration delivers direct communication between Referrers and Diagnostic Imaging Providers.


Improvement to performance and bug fixes πŸ›

25 October 2022

Version #e0125dabf. How do I check my version?

Improvements to Guest Chat UXπŸš€

  • Existing Cases can now easily be accessed from new Case modal via "View my open Cases"
  • "New Case" button is now available in top right corner
  • Subject label is now visible within the Case instance


Missed Activity Email for Guest User Notifications πŸ“©

  • First email with all missed activity is sent after 5 mins
  • If activity remains unread, second email is sent after 1 hour
  • If activity remains unread, an email is sent after every 8 hours until 48 hour window is reached


Sound Changes for Foxo Notifications (mobile app)πŸ””

Users can choose from none, short or long sounds (28 secs) to ensure notifications are prominent


''Find your APHRA number'' link available for smoother registration process πŸ‘


Improvement to performance and bug fixes πŸ›

24 August 2022

Version #d597b565f. How do I check my version?

Team & Case UI redesign πŸš€

  • The Case list is now available at all times in the list panel on the left-hand side (Team details are collapsed by default).
  • The Team Settings have been moved to the Options menu (accessible via three dots in the top right corner).
  • The Team Chat will be highlighted with a green bar.
  • If a Case has a Patient Card attached, a patient label (with patient name) will be displayed on the Case preview. 
  • The Patient Card for unclaimed Cases will be minimised to one-line card on the right hand-side by default to prevent distraction from the main conversation. 

Global Search πŸ”

  • Results are now sorted by date by default and you can also choose to sort based on relevancy.
  • Additionally, there's a date filter available. 

Case Workflows βž•

  • Any user with access to a Case can now claim claimed Cases (even if the Case was claimed by a member of another Team).
  • Any user with access to a Case can share a Case with other Team/s without having to claim the Case (only shareable with Teams from the same Organisation that the Case creator has shared the Case with).
  • Any user who has access to a Case can remove Teams attached to the Case without having to claim the Case. 

Case @Mention πŸ“’

@mention is now available in the Case Chat (only users who have access to the Case can be @mentioned). 

Team Availability βŒ›

Team admins can now add the Team's availability in the Team's Settings. This can be used for operating hours etc. Availability will be displayed on the Teams' Preview, Teams' Page, Teams' Picker and in Guest Chat. 

Guest Chat πŸ‘

  • Media upload will be triggered on single click.
  • Thumbs up is now available for Guest.

Improved Toast Styles πŸ””

  • Any Toast with priority (Cases, Patient Card Handover/Referral) will be displayed in the same color (i.e. Urgent Case in red > Toast will be displayed in red)

Patient Identifier in a Patient Card can be copied on click πŸ–±οΈ

Disabling MFA will require OTP or one of the recovery codes βš οΈ

Improvement to performance and bug fixes πŸ›

14 July 2022

Version #566c6577b. How do I check my version?

  • Change of Case notifications for Case creators to avoid too many interruptions⚠️ Case creators will now only be notified of the most important activities related to their Case. If the Case:
    • is abandoned
    • requested to close
    • receives new messages, media or other files.
  • A link to the Release Notes will be available above the ''Apply Update'' button πŸ“’
  • Improvement to Organisation and Teams suggestion order (alphabetical + recent first, i.e. when creating a Case) πŸš€
  • Guest Cases will be of Urgent priority by defaultπŸ”΄
  • Change of email and SMS escalation times for missed and unactioned Patient Cards and Cases:
    • Urgent: from 30 mins to 5 mins
    • High: from 4 hours to 10 mins
  • Naming of group chats: the first names of group chat members will be used to name the chat by default πŸ‘ˆ
  • Improvements to performance and bugsπŸ›

30 May 2022

Version #214be432. How do I check my version?

  • Guest chat creation UI is refactored πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
  • Pending close Cases will be auto-closed after 14 days πŸ“ͺ
  • Private Chat can be filtered using keywords like 'Me', 'Private', 'Notes' πŸ’¬
  • Organisation and Team Settings page will now check for any unsaved changes βœ…
  • 'Time to claim' column is available in Team CSV export β°
  • Improvements to performance and bugs πŸ›

06 May 2022

Version #214be432. How do I check my version?

  • Guest chat creation UI is refactored πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
  • Pending close Cases will be auto-closed after 14 days πŸ“ͺ
  • Private Chat can be filtered using keywords like 'Me', 'Private', 'Notes' πŸ’¬
  • Organisation and Team Settings page will now check for any unsaved changes βœ…
  • 'Time to claim' column is available in Team CSV export β°
  • Improvements to performance and bugs πŸ›

16 March 2022

Version #ec550fb2

  • Guest Chat is now available πŸŽ‰
  • The People list under Teams can be sorted based on Online status βœ…
  • Organisation and Teams have previews: when clicking on an Org or Team link πŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈ
  • MFA can be set using phone outside of Australia πŸ—ΊοΈ
  • Direct Registration is now supported on mobile devices πŸ“²
  • Improvement on Team pickers 
  • Improvement on picker modals
  • Improvements to performance and bugs πŸ›

27 January 2022

Version #e1e04401. How do I check my version?

  • All your cases in one place! See "Cases" in your side menu πŸ‘ˆ
  • Need to nudge someone in a Case? "Request a response" from within one of your Cases πŸ“’
  • Use @all or @online in any chat thread πŸ””
  • Improvement to data flow from the Karisma Integration πŸ’½
  • Minor improvements to performance and bugs πŸ›

25 November 2021

Version #ff69e418

  • You can now pause your notifications via custom date and time intervals
  • Improved method of displaying emojis (very important stuff πŸ˜†)
  • Images are now included in PDF when printing from Patient Cards or Cases
  • Improved how we display timestamps against Messages
  • Improved Karisma integration
  • Performance and minor bugs

05 July 2021

Version #fce0d557

  • Improved Case interface with Patient Card available in the same view
  • Edit your status to online, away, busy, or insert your own custom text
  • Easily distribute your Cases to multiple Teams
  • β€˜Take Action’ prompt for streamlined Case management
  • Improved search in Case lists with date added
  • Resolved the β€œNo Connection Error” bar
  • Enhanced performance with improved load times