7 March 2022

Synergy Radiology Joins Foxo’s Growing Network of 120 Foxo Enabled Locations


BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, Monday 7th March, 2022Synergy Radiology, a leading provider of diagnostic medical imaging services, has integrated Foxo’s secure healthcare communication and clinical workflow platform into its Radiology Information System (RIS), joining a growing network of Foxo enabled healthcare businesses.

Synergy Radiology, whose clinical team is highly trained and experienced in all diagnostic modalities and sub-specialities, deployed Foxo to improve clinical reporting efficiencies, reduce the administrative burden on its radiologists, and unify its clinical and clerical workforce. Foxo has enabled the organisation with rapid workflows between radiologists, technologists, and clerical teams to determine appropriate patient study protocolling.

Striving to deliver on its core promise of outstanding service to its patients, Synergy Radiology converted its successful pilot test with full integration into its RIS, onboarding 250+ employees across 10 distributed offices in Sydney, Australia with the support of Foxo’s customer success team.

“After a swift 30-day rollout, our radiologists realised significant workflow efficiencies via Foxo’s rapid and integrated platform. The platform was easy to use and customise and we were able to achieve instant and measurable results. It’s removed the burden of administrative tasks from our clinical team while allowing our administrative staff to feel secure in their internal communication systems.” said Prash Menon, Director, Synergy Radiology.

Synergy Radiology joins more than 120 Foxo enabled locations across an expanding footprint in Australia and New Zealand.

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Based on an independent efficacy study focused on clinical efficiencies, time, and cost savings, Foxo enabled radiology companies have realised tangible results such as:

  • 94% reduction in administrative work*
  • 68% time reduction in appointment scheduling*
  • $31 average savings per outbound GP phone call*
  • $9,700 saved per radiologist, per year via a one-click integrated triaging workflow^
  • $12,650 saved per technician, per year (16% of the working week) by removing administrative duties to follow-up patient queries^
  • Aggregate of approximately $10,000 saved in medical professional time by workload shifting, with a one-click integration, to administrative teams who are purpose-trained to fulfil tasks^

* Data obtained from independent research report “Cogniom Case Study: Improving Radiology with Foxo” and post-engagement survey conducted by Foxo.
^ Data obtained from internal research study conducted by Foxo


Radiology companies continue to deploy Foxo for its tailored and customisable solution including the enablement of rapid protocolling – for example, quickly and securely receiving and managing patient requests, which require a radiologist’s clarification before booking. The platform also powers real-time communication with triaging, reducing interruptions to clinical workflow from walk-ins and phone calls enabling the highest quality patient care.


About Foxo Technology 

Foxo Technology is an Australian health tech company changing the way healthcare teams connect and organisations do business. The Company’s cloud-based enterprise platform can be deployed across any healthcare organisation (private or public) in minutes. Integrations into leading healthcare systems can be configured to enable seamless information transfer beyond siloed systems. Foxo is a proud fundraising partner with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). 

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About Synergy Radiology:

Synergy Radiology has established itself as a trustworthy and successful provider of radiology services offering advanced imaging technologies. Managed directly by radiologists, they aim to deliver an outstanding service to our patients. Their group of radiologists are highly-trained and experienced in all diagnostic modalities and sub-specialties.

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