Frequently Asked Questions

👉 What is Foxo?

FoxoTM is a secure, real-time messaging and collaboration platform for health professionals. Using Foxo, medical professionals, nurses, allied health staff and administrative teams can connect, communicate and collaborate in a secure, encrypted environment maintaining patient privacy whilst reducing medical errors related to miscommunication. 

Foxo is also a network of health professionals. Searching the Foxo network and connecting with other users is simple and means you keep details like your phone number and email private when communicating with other health professionals. Our powerful search allows you to connect with users not only within your own organisation but within other institutions.

Say goodbye to communication silos forever.

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💡How is Foxo used?

Foxo provides a powerful real-time communication solution for clinical and professional communication.

Foxo can be accessed by both mobile (Android and iOS) and desktop communication meaning communication can be streamlined to whatever the clinical situation dictates.

Internal Communication

Some Foxo members are using it as an internal communication solution within their practice or department and as a replacement to email, WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams. Single and group chat threads can be created for different clinical and administrative teams.

Clinical Image Sharing

Clinical imaging sharing is easy with Foxo. Whether for teaching or for clinical purposes, images can be shared with one or multiple users using Foxo’s powerful workflows. Images are stored on secure, encrypted servers and not on your device.

Clinical Workflows 

Foxo has powerful workflows designed specifically for health professionals. Users can use Foxo to create Patient Cards sending out live referrals or patient handovers across a searchable network making multi-disciplinary team care easier than ever before. Foxo's team-based Case Management opens your organisation to receive new business and improve clinical efficiencies. 

Network Search

Find, connect, and collaborate with colleagues, doctors, teams and organisations across Foxo’s verified network of administrators and healthcare professionals

External Communication 

Foxo’s Guest Chat module enables a 1-click secure communication channel from your external network into your business for action effectively enabling a multi-channelled call centre.


Foxo provides a platform to ensure governance of recording both online and offline discussion in patient treatment and care. Real-time communication in Foxo is permanently recorded with read receipts and audit history that can be extracted as PDF for upload into your clinical system. 

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📝 What are the requirements to run Foxo?

Foxo is compatible with a majority of mobile devices and modern desktop browsers. The mobile app supports latest versions of Android and iOS. The desktop platform supports the latest versions of ChromeOS, Edge, Safari, and Firefox and Internet Explorer 11 and above.

💁 Where can I find help on using Foxo?

For tutorialsguides and tips, check out the Foxo Help Hub.

For clinical use cases and workflows, go to our Solutions Guide.

For live support, send a Foxo Message to Foxo Help.

If you’d prefer to email us, reach out to us at hello@foxo.com.

🆓 Is Foxo free?

Yes, Foxo has a very powerful free tier that most individuals and practices can utilise.

Besides the free "Community" tier, Foxo is also available on a paid "Enterprise" license model. 

The free tier includes the basic tools for single & group messaging and patient-centred communication across the platform.

Foxo's Enterprise tier is accessed on a monthly subscription fee billed to the organisation. The fee can be paid either monthly or negotiated in a lump sum. The monthly fee varies on a sliding scale reflective of volume, usage etc.

Please contact us for more information on the Enterprise tier. 

🔒How secure is Foxo?

Security and privacy are our number one priority. 

Foxo is -

  • Australian owned and operated
  • Independently penetration-tested every 3 months
  • 100% Hosted in Australia
  • Hosted in ISO 27001 compliant data centres
  • Redundant and encrypted backups across various sites
  • Hosted on Australian IRAP certified infrastructure (AWS Sydney)
  • Assessed and approved by QLD health
  • HIPAA compliant
  • GDPR compliant
  • Built for healthcare
  • Encrypted at all states

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