21 March 2024

Foxo's Strategic Residency at TMCi: Pilots, Partners, and Capital.

Foxo's Strategic Residency at TMCi: Pilots, Partners, and Capital.


Houston, TX – Foxo Technology Pty Ltd., a driving force in healthcare connectivity, accepted into the prestigious onsite residency program at the Texas Medical Center's Innovation Institute (TMCi) early 2024. This strategic move was a part of the highly sought after accelerator program designed to foster new market growth and innovation within the healthcare sector.

Operating from a dedicated office within TMC's Innovation Hub in Houston, Foxo's Chief Operating Officer, Mani Sahihi, and Chief Executive Officer, Luke Fletcher, are actively collaborating with a network of advisors, partners, and clinicians provided by TMC. This partnership has laid a robust foundation for Foxo's strategic entrance into the U.S. market, emphasising the importance of direct engagement with key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem and capital market.

The residency signifies a significant milestone for Foxo, granting the company invaluable exposure to the TMC's comprehensive resources, including legal, regulatory, and marketing expertise. Such resources are crucial for Foxo's expansion and adaptation of its clinical collaboration tools to the U.S. healthcare system.

Foxo's in-person commitment to the TMCi Accelerator highlights its dedication to commercial growth in one of the world's largest healthcare markets. With a focus on executing pilots, fostering new commercial opportunities, and sourcing new means of capital, Foxo is well positioned to navigate the complexities of the U.S. healthcare landscape by leveraging the accelerator program's resources for a successful market introduction.

For further insight into Foxo's participation and progress within the TMCi Accelerator program, the Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute provides an in-depth look at the latest developments across the HealthTech cohort. To read more about Foxo's journey and the accelerator's impact on healthcare innovation, read their blog article here: Latest Developments from TMCi’s Accelerator for HealthTech Cohort.