10 November 2020

Foxo close $1.5M pre-seed round to drive secure communication across healthcare.


Healthcare continues to report the highest amount of data breaches across all sectors in Australia.


Communication problems contribute up to 70% of hospital incidents and 20% of malpractice claims.


The lack of a sophisticated communication platform drives doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers to WhatsApp, Facebook, and SMS to connect, communicate, and share sensitive patient information..


Foxo is a secure communication platform designed to securely connect a fragmented industry fraught with data breaches and stalled by dated systems.

“Foxo was built for doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals to communicate in real-time, share patient information, and collaborate across a wide-network of verified users within patient context. The industry has persisted long enough with phone tag, post-it notes, email, and Fax and now WhatsApp and Facebook are backfilling the communication gaps. Health continues to report the most data breaches out of all industries, and this isn’t unique to Australia. To put it simply, Health has been left behind when it comes to modern and secure communication.

“I don’t know anyone that would be happy with their doctor discussing their case via SMS, Facebook messenger or WhatsApp. As there’s no suitable alternative, this has become common practice for many clinicians needing real-time messaging with their professional network”, said Luke Fletcher, CEO & Co-founder, Foxo.

The need to source information quickly and communicate in real-time between various departments, organisations, and specialties has seen widespread uptake of unsanctioned consumer apps across health.

Through the use of Foxo, health professionals are now able to securely connect, message, and share critical information from their desktop or phone and collaborate with tools and workflows designed from clinical specification, to enable clearer and faster communication.

Foxo’s core functionality:

  • Integrations with leading clinical systems
  • Secure messaging
  • File sharing
  • Case management and collaboration
  • 1-click bookings between clinics and organisations
  • Clinical handover
  • Organisational broadcasting

“We were fortunate that our early traction led to an oversubscription in our most recent round of funding. We’ve brought together a team of strategic investors that we are confident will continue to guide our growth, both here in Australia, and abroad. The capital will help us build our sales team and architect the platform for new region expansion.

“Ultimately, Foxo will make a huge impact on secure, real-time communication across health. I know we can make a positive impact on patient lives whilst reducing data breaches across health.”, concluded Mr Fletcher.

Medical staff now have secure access to patient information and can collaborate with colleagues and specialists on and off premise. Patients can be sure their personal information remains on-shore, encrypted, and only accessible by health care professionals.

To interview Luke Fletcher, CEO & Co-founder, Foxo, please contact Joe Hughes from N O W! Communications on or 0455 494 409.

About Foxo Technology 

Foxo Technology is an Australian health tech company changing the way healthcare teams connect and organisations do business. The Company’s cloud-based enterprise platform can be deployed across any healthcare organisation (private or public) in minutes. Integrations into leading healthcare systems can be configured to enable seamless information transfer beyond siloed systems. Foxo is a proud fundraising partner with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). 

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