23 February, 2020

Doctors calling for real-time messaging alternative to Facebook and WhatsApp


Courier Mail's article (Sunday 21st Feb 2021)  covering the unsanctioned usage of Facebook and WhatsApp across public and private health continues heated discussion on the business’ control on communication and raises the need for a purpose- built real-time messaging platform connecting Australian’s healthcare professionals.  

Foxo, a realtime messaging platform born from Australian innovations and founded on local infrastructure was co-designed by clinicians to local specification is positioned as a free and compliant alternative to Whatsapp in Healthcare. 

The business (Foxo) is in strong support of Queensland Health’s position on patient confidentiality and data sovereignty. Their email systems and policies are designed to protect the patient’s privacy interests while providing connectivity between clinicians and their surrounding network. 
However, the communication infrastructure beyond a hospital's four walls is a connectivity challenge yet to be standardised. It is common for healthcare professionals to engage specialists, referrers, and colleagues beyond the boundaries of their employment to ensure their patient receives the best care possible. These interactions range from clinical discussion with primary care providers and other specialists, second opinions, media sharing and clinical handover. These transitions of care beyond organisational boundaries pose a high-risk time in the patient’s journey, owing in part to miscommunication due to siloed communication solutions.  
Doctors, nurses, allied health, and administration teams are demanding real-time access to information to improve patient care. Consequently, without knowledge of their employer, healthcare professionals across the industry fall back on WhatsApp and Facebook to connect and communicate with their extended network.

Data sovereignty and security is a huge part of this discussion. Additionally, ineffective communicationpractices in healthcare continues as one of the leading causes of medical errors and patient harm. This isabout the right tool for the job. No-one wants their latest visit to the doctor shared on Facebook.“  


- Luke Fletcher, Foxo CEO.


The growing demand for instant messaging, media sharing, video conferencing, and real-time collaboration across the health ecosystem continues to grow while healthcare professionals watch on as other industries benefit from such innovations. It’s no surprise the push has come from the front line.


Foxo is officially going on the record - this product is free, built for health, interoperable, and ready to go.


Our mission is to remove WhatsApp and Facebook from the healthcare sector.


About Foxo Technology 

Foxo Technology is an Australian health tech company changing the way healthcare teams connect and organisations do business. The Company’s cloud-based enterprise platform can be deployed across any healthcare organisation (private or public) in minutes. Integrations into leading healthcare systems can be configured to enable seamless information transfer beyond siloed systems. Foxo is a proud fundraising partner with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). 

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