Podcast: HealthTechX

In this episode, Luke Fletcher shares with Yianni Serpanos the development process of Foxo and how design-thinking has helped them build a modern, secure and private communication platform for healthcare professionals.

I recently spoke with Yianni Serpanos on his HealthTechX podcast. We covered product development, shadow IT, “dogfooding”, and how design-thinking has been a critical part of Foxo’s success. 

Engineering a modern, secure, and scalable communication platform for the healthcare industry comes with various challenges, policies, and technical restrictions. We discussed all this and more in the 50 minute HealthTechX podcast episode.

Key takeaways:

  1. The Foxo product and Network
  2. Integrations with leading practice management software, radiology information systems and a range of other providers
  3. Data Breaches
  4. Human error
  5. Managing, sharing, and revoking identifiable clinical information

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