Leveraging Effective Communication in Radiology

As radiology organisations strive to meet high clinical demands and business goals, business owners turn to technology innovations to deliver care efficiently and safely.



Published literature in radiology clearly demonstrates that communication failures lead to delays in diagnosis and treatment, misdiagnosis and potentially to incorrect treatment.

Communication among clinicians has been shown to have increasing importance as medicine subspecialises and technological advances further fragment care across physician and institutional providers.

In this article, we explore three fundamental opportunities for communication to improve care and workflows within any radiology practice.

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  • Understand the impact of effective clinical handover on patient care in the radiology setting.

  • Discover the benefits of direct communication between referrer and radiologist.

  • Learn about the role of communication in quality improvement and education within your radiology organisation.

  • Identify the requirement for systemwide changes to facilitate better communication within your organisation and beyond.


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