19 July 2023

Transforming the Patient Experience: Foxo Launches Unified Clinical Communications with Built-in Patient Chat


Brisbane, Australia 19 July 2023 - Foxo, a leading provider of secure clinical communication and collaboration, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative patient-facing module, designed to enhance the patient journey through secure patient engagement. This module empowers patients to effortlessly interact with healthcare providers, request files and imaging, make or modify appointments, skip phone queues, and access vital clinical information, ultimately leading to an improved patient experience while alleviating the strain on administration teams and busy phone lines by presenting the ability to establish a versatile multi-channel call centre.


Coupled with the latest edition of Foxo's Microsoft Teams app, this release presents a unified communications strategy where patients can seamlessly connect with the Microsoft Teams environment without requiring a Microsoft account. Importantly, clinicians can maintain a level of separation from the busy flow of patient communications by remaining one-step removed from patient conversations until escalated.

Medscan, a prominent provider of medical imaging and radiology services in Sydney, NSW faced challenges with a high volume of inbound phone calls, interruptions to clinical workflows, and the need for a secure alternate communication channel. By implementing Patient Chat, Medscan has experienced immediate benefits, including improved service delivery, reduced call waiting times, and the ability to securely coordinate bookings and share images and files with patients.

"Foxo’s Patient Chat has brought a new level of innovation to our patient communication by offering our patients an easy-to-use and secure mechanism to make or change bookings, request information, and upload their referral.” 

Riley Chaffer, Chief Radiographer / Clinical Supervisor.


Key Benefits for Providers:

  • Improved service delivery to patients through enhanced communication channels.
  • Rapid information and file sharing between providers and patients
  • Remove reliance on personal email, phone, and fax
  • Reduction in wait times and phone queues, leading to increased operational efficiency.
  • Compliance with healthcare privacy principles, ensuring patient data remains secure.
  • Automated responses to reduce back-and-forth communication, enabling faster resolution of patient inquiries.
  • All communication is recorded and saved for easy access and reference.
  • Optional integration for MS Teams enabled organisation. Reduced need to procure Patient chat third party systems; this can now all transact from the MS Teams instance 
  • Further on-triaging to Clinicians in the Healthcare organisation from one Unified Platform

Key Benefits for Patients:

  • Simple and convenient launch through a QR code, promoted on patient-facing collateral, or accessed via the provider's website.
  • Quick and effortless appointment booking and cancellation, eliminating the need for time-consuming phone calls.
  • Easy referral upload by capturing an encrypted photo and sharing directly with the provider.
  • Bypassing phone queues, eliminating lengthy hold times.
  • Real-time file sharing and chat capabilities or the option to leave a message at their convenience.
  • Rapid access to vital information, enhancing patient knowledge and engagement.
  • All communication securely saved for later access and reference.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless patient experience.

"As healthcare evolves, it is crucial for organisations to embrace innovative solutions that enhance patient engagement and present a unified communication model," said Luke Fletcher, CEO and Co-founder, Foxo. "With the launch of our patient-facing module, we are empowering healthcare organisations to deliver exceptional patient experiences while optimising their operational processes. By integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, Foxo provides a comprehensive and secure platform that modernises the way patients and healthcare providers interact."

With Foxo's Patient Chat module, healthcare organisations can now embrace a modern communication tool that enhances patient experiences, reduces operational strain, and ensures compliance with healthcare privacy regulations. To learn more about this exciting innovation, please visit



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Foxo is a leading provider of clinical communication tools built exclusively for the healthcare industry. Our mission is to modernise healthcare by providing healthcare organisations with intuitive, integrated, and secure collaboration solutions. With a comprehensive suite of tools, including our patient-facing module, we empower healthcare professionals and patients to connect, collaborate, and deliver exceptional care. For more information, please visit

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