6 June 2023

Foxo Launches Microsoft Teams App, Redefining the Future of Healthcare Collaboration


Brisbane, 6 June 2023 - Foxo, a leading provider of clinical communication tools built for healthcare, is thrilled to unveil its Microsoft Teams App, revolutionising the landscape of healthcare collaboration. This latest development in innovation empowers healthcare organisations running Microsoft Teams to seamlessly connect patients, their network of referrers, and external providers directly into their Microsoft Teams environment. Foxo’s Microsoft Teams App presents a unified and powerful solution that fosters borderless clinical engagement, information access, and compliant integrated collaboration across the healthcare industry.


The Foxo Microsoft Teams App marks a significant milestone in the evolution of healthcare communication. By leveraging the power and reach of Microsoft Teams across Enterprise Health, Foxo enables its users to effortlessly engage and collaborate in a clinical context with colleagues, patients, and extended primary care network. This unified communication solution enables clinical efficiencies and ensures the seamless exchange of vital information, leading to improved patient outcomes.


Patients can now interact with any Microsoft Teams-enabled healthcare organisations without the need for a Microsoft or Foxo account. This breakthrough feature transforms the patient experience by facilitating direct engagement with healthcare providers or their administration teams, enabling easy access to information, and empowering patients to actively participate in their own care journey without dependance on email or phone.

"At Foxo, we are dedicated to driving transformative change in healthcare collaboration," said Luke Fletcher, CEO & Co-founder at Foxo. "The launch of our Microsoft Teams App is a major milestone that truly solves the siloed nature of healthcare. It enables healthcare organisations to unlock the potential of borderless collaboration, leading to enhanced patient care and improved outcomes. We are proud to bring this innovation to the healthcare industry and grateful for our support from Microsoft."


"By enabling frictionless access to clinical information and fostering synchronous communication, we are empowering healthcare organisations to drive improved patient outcomes and establish stronger business relationships. Modernising healthcare requires innovative solutions like the Foxo Microsoft Teams app, which brings together the power of healthcare collaboration and technology. We are proud to support initiatives that prioritise patient-centred care and enhance the way healthcare professionals connect, collaborate, and deliver exceptional care."

Dr. Simon Kos, Chief Medical Officer, ANZ. Microsoft


The Foxo Microsoft Teams app offers a range of benefits to healthcare organisations, including:

  • Unified Communications: Engage primary care networks, referrers, and external providers to Microsoft Teams organisations, streamlining communication and collaboration.
  • Efficient Clinical Engagement: Enhance clinical engagement, support, and information access for healthcare professionals, improving care coordination and decision-making.
  • Patient-Centred Collaboration: Empower patients to actively engage with their healthcare providers and participate in their care journey without requiring a Microsoft or Foxo account.
  • Improved Workflows: Streamline processes, facilitate secure communication, and optimise workflows for clinical and clerical staff.
  • Enhanced Care Coordination: Foster effective collaboration among healthcare teams, leading to improved patient outcomes and increased operational efficiency.

The Foxo Microsoft Teams App represents a significant step forward in shaping the future of healthcare collaboration. By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Teams, Foxo is paving the way for enhanced communication, streamlined workflows, and patient-centred care.

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About Foxo

Foxo is a leading provider of clinical communication tools built exclusively for the healthcare industry. Our mission is to modernise healthcare by providing healthcare organisations with intuitive, integrated, and secure collaboration solutions. With the Foxo Microsoft Teams app, we empower healthcare professionals and patients to connect, collaborate, and deliver exceptional care.

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