Qscan Group

National Diagnostic Imaging Provider

Qscan Radiology Clinics is a comprehensive diagnostic medical imaging & interventional practise with clinics across Australia.
Vertical: Private Radiology

 Key Takeaways

  • Customer wanted to improve clinical efficiencies and quality of service
  • Disbanded SMS and Email from on-call reporting workflow
  • Improved on-call diagnostic services with hospitals
  • Used Foxo to embed clerical support in clinical workflows
  • Connect their nationally distributed workforce
  • Embedded various external hospital imaging labs

Customer Challenges

  • High volume of phone calls and missed messages between clinical, technical and clerical staff
  • SMS used for on-call reporting resulting in duplicate workstreams and inefficiencies
  • In-built clinical messaging tool restricted to in-house clinical team and very basic chat
  • Clinical information contained to Radiology Information System
  • Siloed clinical and clerical departments
  • Complex technical stack with various clinical systems


The Qscan Group is a rapidly growing organisation who continues to acquire diagnostic imaging service providers. Each acquisition results in more technical systems and processes which are siloed from the parent company. 

The business has a complex network of service provision, including on-call reporting for external hospitals, a broad network of inbound referrers, and an immense volume of internal clinical workflows to service the community. 

The Qscan Group has a distinct focus on growth, clinical efficiencies, and quality of service. The executive layer of the business turns to automation, scalability, and simplicity to support this. Foxo was deployed as a solution to increase clinical efficiencies, reduce their radiologist's interruptions, and triage administrative tasks to cost-effective clerical teams. 

In addition to internal workflows, Foxo enables Qscan to provide a vastly improved service provision to their hospital partners. With Foxo, all parties benefit from an integrated, secure real-time workflow that connects all facilities. The integrated solution connects various clinical systems for patient-centred referrals, case management, collaboration, and on-call reporting.

Foxo runs in parallel with Microsoft Teams as the integrated clinical workflow platform.

Testimonial (2 min)

See first-hand how Foxo enabled a transformative patient experience and outcome.

Use cases

  • Clinical Admin support
  • Clinical collaboration
  • Rapid Protocoling
  • Share Significant Findings
  • Hospital reporting / Telereporting


  • Drastic reduction in clinical reporting interruptions
  • 94% reduction in clinical administrative activities
  • 64% reduction in time spent scheduling appointments
  • Improved commercial relationships with referrers and hospitals
  • Integration with clinical systems