The Prince Charles Hospital

Cardiothoracic Unit

The Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) is located in Brisbane, Australia and consists of highly skilled clinicians offering cardiothoracic services across the complete clinical spectrum.
Vertical: Public Health

 Key Takeaways

  • Customer had to remove Whatsapp from the department
  • Requirement for a simple, easy to use, purpose-built solution
  • Microsoft Teams deemed unsuitable
  • Customer self-onboarded the entire department in under 2 days
  • No Foxo intervention required

Customer Challenges

  • WhatsApp in use to share clinical information
  • Microsoft Teams not appropriate for clinical communication


The Cardiothoracic unit was advised to move off WhatsApp for departmental clinical communication. Microsoft Teams was quickly ruled out due to usability issues, clinical messaging capabilities, and limitations with communication beyond the four walls of the hospital. 

A member of the department searched for an alternative, discovered Foxo online, and quickly signed up the team. Within 2 days, the entire department was onboarded and WhatsApp was abandoned. 

All members of the Cardiothoracic unit were operational, connected to their Organisation within Foxo, and communicating effectively without intervention from the Foxo customer team.

Use cases

  • Secure Realtime messaging
  • Group messaging
  • On-call communication


  • Purpose-built feature reach healthcare tool
  • Secure means of rapid communication
  • Hands off easy to deploy solution
  • Feature set that can grow with the department
  • Secure communication with healthcare professionals beyond the hospital