How is Foxo Different?

Why Foxo

There are various free messaging tools in use across Healthcare, why should you consider switching over?

Foxo comes free with all the familiar features of WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams... but, that's just the beginning...

Why should you use Foxo?

  1. We consider WhatsApp, Teams, and similar communication tools the foundational features of Foxo. You're not taking a step backward.
  2. Clinical information, media, and photos are not stored on your personal device
  3. Our servers and infrastructure are configured to meet the standards and requirements expected by healthcare
  4. We have in-app tools to ensure your privacy and your patients is secure and shared with only the intended recipient
  5. You don't need to share your personal information, phone number, or email


What makes Foxo so secure?

  1. All users are reviewed and approved to be on the Foxo network
  2. Information never leaves Australian borders
  3. Anyone can retract shared information if sent to the incorrect recipient
  4. All actions are stored in an auditable log
  5. Data is encrypted in all states (transit & rest)
  6. Data is stored on local servers under compliant ISO standards
ISO 27001 DC

ISO 27001 DC

ISO27001 Accredited Data Centre (AWS Sydney)


HIPAA Compliant

Foxo is HIPAA Compliant


Independently Tested

Independently Security Tested every 3 months


IRAP certified infrastructure

Foxo runs on Australian IRAP certified infrastructure (AWS Sydney)


Foxo is GDPR compliant

Personal and sensitive information is carefully stored and managed


Australian Owned

Foxo is 100% Australian owned & operated

How does Foxo compare?

As a purpose-built platform, Foxo ticks all the boxes for compliant clinical communication.
Foxo is a Microsoft partner. Our Active Directory and MS Teams integration presents Enterprise Health with powerful connected clinical workflows.


  Foxo WhatsApp MS
Slack FB
HIPAA Compliant
#, $ 
#, $ 
GDPR Compliant
#, $
#, $
Deep clinical integrations with clinical systems
#, $
Clinical Environments for healthcare professionals
Clinical Workflows for Healthcare businesses
Images NOT Stored on Phone
Australian Data residency
Recall shared clinical information
Does not share user data with Facebook
Purpose-built for Healthcare
Referrals & Bookings
Australian Compliant Video & VoIP

= Enterprise Tier required.
# = Development required