Foxo Help Centre

Profile Management

How do I change my Profile information?

Overview The Profile section allows you to update your professional details including AHPRA details, Profession and About fields Add Practice...


Messaging (Single & Group)

Overview The Message feature allows communication with other health professionals either in a Single or Group environment Notifications (desktop and...

Contacts, Messaging

How do I find and manage Contacts?

Overview Create new contacts by searching all users on the Foxo network Find new contacts by searching by Name, Hospital/Clinic name, or by Specialty...

Patient Card

How do I create and use the Patient Card?

Overview The Patient Card creates a rich contextual means of managing communication about a patient. Create Patient Cards as a way of generating...

Patient Card

How do I Refer or Handover a patient?

Overview Refer and Handover patients on desktop ( or using the mobile app (iOS and Android) There are some key differences between...

Patient Card

Patient Card Permissions

Overview Manage who has access to patient cards   Messages and Patient Cards: When sharing a patient card to a message or group message, all members...

Patient Card

How do I use and manage Tags?

Overview Tags allow you to organise and filters for Patient Cards. This to streamlines workflows Patient Cards are automatically assigned to one of...

Patient Card

Archiving, Removing, Restoring Patient Cards

Overview Foxo allows you to Archive and Restore patient cards Archiving a patient card will remove the patient from your Patients list An Archived...

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