Foxo vs Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

Foxo vs Microsoft Teams

If your healthcare organisation is reviewing Microsoft Teams as a communication tool, it’s important to compare the added benefits of a platform that’s been purpose-built for the healthcare industry.

In this review, we take a deep dive into functionality, return on investment, and organisational gains both Microsoft Teams and Foxo presents healthcare organisations.


Microsoft Teams (MS Teams)

A robust and feature-rich platform integrated with various Microsoft Apps, MS Teams presents enterprise organisations operating in a Microsoft-centric environment with a comprehensive messaging and file-sharing tool. Read more 


Foxo’s free tier comes with all the familiar communication tools of Microsoft Teams. Features such as messaging, file sharing, and video conferencing come standard. We consider this the basics of enterprise communication. 

The features outlined below cover the main points of difference between the two communication applications. Notably, Foxo has been purpose-built for healthcare and co-designed by doctors while Microsoft Teams is a generic enterprise application. It is very unlikely Microsoft will build such bespoke features for one of their many verticals in which they operate in.

Feature Breakdown



Foxo seamlessly brings together individuals spanning departments and organisations into one easy to use and access desktop or mobile app. Unlike Microsoft teams, anyone from healthcare can download Foxo and get started in minutes at no cost. All users of Foxo undergo mandatory verification to establish their identity. This provides you with the confidence you are working with the right person.

Security and Privacy

While Microsoft continues to implement infrastructure and policy changes to meet the minimum requirements of various industries, Foxo has already met all the requirements of clinical software in healthcare. We go above and beyond the minimum requirements of storing and maintaining data and are HIPAA (American Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation - Europe) compliant.

Unlike Microsoft Teams, Multi-factor authentication comes packaged in Foxo’s free version, this adds a layer of security to any account. Foxo mobile users can utilise a 4-digit pin to secure their account to add an additional layer of security.

The Foxo platform is accessible to the healthcare industry only. This means clinical information is restricted to your network of verified healthcare contacts. 

Foxo has been built with a ‘privacy and security first’ mindset in conjunction with leading privacy lawyers and security experts. Data is stored on secure, encrypted servers located in Australia. All patient data and user data is encrypted at rest and in transit using enterprise-grade encryption protocols. Read more on security

Live Referrals

Businesses and individuals can send and accept referrals using Foxo’s live referral workflow. Live referrals takes traditional one-way referrals and adds a real-time communication layer to enable instant messaging, file sharing, and video calls. See how this is impacting the patient experience and organisational efficiencies.


Much like Foxo’s Live Referral feature, Foxo Bookings lets organisations ingest bookings from individuals into a bookings team for triaging and confirming patient bookings. This powerful interoperable and standalone feature adds significant value to organisations wanting to address referral leakage and improve the patient experience.

Multidisciplinary team meetings (MDTs)

Foxo’s all-in-one solution removes the need to set up, configure and integrate various platforms to effectively host an MDT. Within Foxo’s MDT environment, attendees from various organisations can share files, messaging, collaboration, and talk on video conference within a secure patient-centric worklist environment.


Foxo’s Solutions Team takes a partnered approach to clinical integrations. Unlike MS Teams where integrations are self-service (development and maintenance is on you) and limited to basic information flow, Foxo enables deep functionality embedded within the clinical software interface. This seamlessly connects your systems, people, and network to present clinical and commercial use cases across various specialties and clerical settings. 


Both platforms have free and paid subscription plans:

Microsoft - To benefit from Microsoft’s ecosystem (Office tools), you’ll be paying at least $17.20 per user per month with a lock-in 12-month contract.

Foxo - Foxo’s free tier includes the communication functionality of Microsoft Teams, in addition to clinical environments and workflows (bookings, handovers). Upgrading to Foxo’s Enterprise tier includes clinical integrations, structured teams-based environments, revenue-generating features, and onboarding workshops. The paid tier comes standard with no lock-in contracts (month to month). It is modelled around volume-based pricing that starts at $19 per user, per month and goes down to $12 per user. 



When it comes to functionality, integrations, storage, cost, security and privacy, Foxo ticks all the boxes for cost-effective, powerful enterprise communication. Microsoft Teams get a worthy mention with their Word and Excel integrations (and other Office applications), but lacks direct integrations with clinical systems, environments, and workflows that meet local standards.  This is where Foxo excels, making it a powerful contender for any healthcare organisation wanting to implement a transformative communication platform.

How does Foxo compare?

As a purpose-built platform, Foxo ticks all the boxes for compliant clinical communication


  Foxo MS
HIPAA Compliant
#, $ 
GDPR Compliant
#, $
Deep clinical integrations with clinical systems
Clinical Environments for healthcare professionals
Clinical Workflows for Healthcare businesses
Images NOT Stored on Phone
Australian Data residency
Recall shared clinical information
Does not share user data with Facebook
Purpose-built for Healthcare
Referrals & Bookings
Australian Compliant Video & VoIP

= Enterprise Tier required.
# = Development required

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